Земеделска земя в Ямбол, Бургас, Сливен, Хасково, Стара Загора

Agricultural lands, fields, vineyards in Bulgaria - buy and sell

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Земеделска земя в село Варовник, община Средец - Странджа планина
Бургас - купува земеделска земя в Бургас
Земеделски земи в землището на село Главан, община Гълъбово
Купува земеделска земя в Екзарх Антимово, Карнобат
Купува земя - ниви в село Помощник, общ.Гълъбово
Купувам  ниви, лозя, овощни градини в село Оряховица, общ. Стара Загора
Купува земя в Българска поляна, община Тополовград /Странджа - Сакар/
Генерал Тошево, община Тунджа, област Ямбол.
Купуваме земеделска земя в Пясъчево
Земеделска земя в Долна крепост

Purchase of land and fields in Nova Zagora

Yovita NIS Ltd buy and sell cultivated and uncultivated agricultural land, vineyards, meadows, fields and pastures in Stara Zagora, Sliven, Yambol, Haskovo and Burgas regions.

The company has offices in the center of Stara Zagora and Nova Zagora.

You can visit the offices of our company, contact us by phone or fill out an online form from this website to get the appropriate offer for your farm property. Also you can refine the procedure for buying and selling the land, the necessary documents or other things of interest related to agricultural property.

The company operates with land, plots in the regions of Sliven, Stara Zagora, Yambol, Haskovo and Burgas primarily, but you can get assistance for purchase - sale of land throughout Bulgaria.

The price of agricultural land in Bulgaria is the cheapest in Europe. The price varies from 100 to 500 euros for 1000sq.m arable lands.

In Bulgaria, the land is fertile, black earth predominantly, suitable for sun-loving crops. Cereals and oilseeds are growing mainly. The lands are very suitable for growing vegetables.

Agricultural Land-fields, pastures, vineyards, forests, meadows

Purchase of land and fields in Nova Zagora

Office Stara Zagora:


Stara Zagora
2 M.M.Kusev str.

tel. +359 42 605 591
mob. +359 889 254 752
Tatyana Dobreva - french and english languages


Sells land, vineyards in Stara Zagora

Office Nova Zagora:


Nova Zagora
8 Pl. Svoboda
building of the former Cinema
the entrance of the Municipal Land Committee

mob. +359 888 291 185
tel. +359 457 586 06
Yovka Yorgova

Purchase of land and fields in Nova Zagora
Sells land, vineyards in Stara Zagora
Buy and Sell Land in Sliven and Yambol


fields, orchard, pasture, meadow, wooded fields, vineyard

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